Friday, May 30, 2008

Nothing to Say That Can't be Said

Well since I'm wearing my old (pre-google) Blogger T-shirt I thought perhaps it was time to un-kick the habit.

 Got any blog hits for me P-man? (check out his blog...good stuff!)



 Speaking of hits I haven't seen people chewing gum this hard in nearly 40 years!



I'm not sure what this is going to turn into,  but I promise not to talk about Peak Oil too often.

 Heard some interesting quotes from Kurzweil today, might have to go look em up...... something to the effect that in 20 years solar panels will produce and store ALL the world's energy needs.

 As I tend to be a bit twisted that got me to thinking about what would happen should that come to pass. I mean really, thats a lot of energy..... energy that is already being used here on ole planet Blue. What happens to the Earth if we re-purpose all that solar energy; take it from whatever its current use is (and thus make some kind of perhaps significant change what, our climate, the ground temperature, the thermal currents...who knows) and instead burn it up in our cars and homes? 

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