Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Obama; the sellout continues apace

Napolitano backs security tech - USATODAY.com

Gov. Janet Napolitano — President-elect Barack Obama's pick to run the Homeland Security Department — has strongly advocated using advanced security technology as a law enforcement tool, drawing praise from police and raising concern among civil liberties groups that warn about privacy invasion.

As Arizona's Democratic governor since 2003, Napolitano has:

• Pushed state police to use cameras that scan license plates of moving cars to find vehicles that are stolen or linked to a criminal suspect.

• Promoted "face-identification" technology that could help surveillance cameras find wanted people by comparing someone's face with a photo database of suspects.

• Proposed an optional state ID for legal citizens only that features a radio-frequency chip to allow authorities to read the card. State lawmakers blocked the effort this year.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think he has sold out? Have we been duped?

Ed said...

Maybe he hasn't sold out, maybe our expectations are higher then they should be based on what he never actually said. I do think a case can be made that we rightfully expected him to uphold the bill of rights and too uphold equality for gay folk. His choices of people so far indicates that those expectations are in jeopardy; lets wait to see what his actual actions are, but lets hold his feet to the fire while we wait.

Anonymous said...

Nicely put, but I smell burning!