Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama Gets It...The Long View has Been Missing

The long view, the one that requires some sacrifice or at least some lessening of immediate gratification has been missing, not only from the government and corporations, but from the average American as well. I may not agree with all of Obama's tactics but he grasps the single most important aspect currently dooming our society.

Bob herbert in the NYT writes on a recent conversation with Obama:

"When asked about the sharp drop in the stock markets after Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner announced an expanded bank bailout plan last week, Mr. Obama replied:

“My job is to help the country take the long view — to make sure that not only are we getting out of this immediate fix, but we’re not repeating the same cycle of bubble and bust over and over again; that we’re not having the same energy conversation 30 years from now that we had 30 years ago; that we’re not talking about the state of our schools in the exact same ways we were talking about them in the 1980s; and that at some point we say, ‘You know what? If we’re spending more money per-capita on health care than any nation on earth, then you’d think everybody would have coverage and we would see lower costs for average consumers, and we’d have better outcomes.’ "

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